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‘Wherever I go, people ask me only about Don 3, Mirzapur 3’ – Farhan Akhtar

Image Source: hindustantimes.com

Actor-filmmaker Farhan Akhtar attended the much-anticipated trailer launch of Mirzapur’s third season on Thursday, a series he co-produces with Ritesh Sidhwani.

Addressing the media, Farhan expressed gratitude to the audience for their enduring support for the series over the years. He humorously shared that whenever he steps out, people often inquire about the release dates of Excel Entertainment’s flagship projects, Don 3 and Mirzapur.

“It’s the audience that truly makes it a success. Credit also goes to the talented cast, the writing team, and the entire crew at Prime Video. We are fortunate to collaborate with such amazing people on this show,” Farhan remarked.

“Mizapur has carved a special place in the hearts of audiences worldwide. Wherever I go, people ask me three questions: ‘What brings you here?’, ‘When is Don 3 releasing?’, and ‘When can we expect Mirzapur 3?’. So, I’m thrilled that Mirzapur 3 is finally happening,” he added.

Director and Executive Producer Gurmmeet Singh elaborated on what fans can anticipate from the new season, stating, “The first two seasons of Mirzapur were game-changers for the crime thriller genre in Indian streaming. With Mirzapur 3, we aim to elevate the narrative further, exploring new dimensions of each character’s life with fresh plot twists. We’re excited for fans to witness the battle for Mirzapur’s throne unfold.”

“After a hiatus of three and a half years, the stakes are higher and the canvas is bigger. Like our viewers, we can’t wait for Mirzapur 3 to premiere globally on Prime Video,” he concluded.

The crime drama’s first season debuted in 2018, followed by the second season in 2020. With the third season set for release in July, actor Ali Fazal reflected on the challenges of reprising his role as Guddu Pandit.

“I don’t know what season 3 holds, but I’ve endeavored to portray the evolution of this character who retains his innocence amidst rampant corruption. Playing Guddu has been emotionally demanding, delving into the complexities of his journey from innocence to experience,” Ali shared.

“It’s a world and a character that’s unfamiliar to me, but I’ve approached it with analytical rigor, studying the writing and interactions to bring Guddu’s perspective to life. The physicality and intensity you see are manifestations of the traumas he has endured,” he continued.

Ali described his preparation for the role, emphasizing his aim to convey compassion and authenticity in portraying Guddu’s emotional journey.

“I’ve strived to observe without judgment, hoping to bring depth and heart to the screen. I hope audiences connect with it on a profound level,” Ali concluded.

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