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Monday, July 15, 2024

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The United States criticizes China’s recent action towards Taiwan as ‘destabilizing’.

Photo Credit: Focus Taiwan

The United States has strongly criticized China for its recent actions and statements aimed at Taiwan, calling them aggressive and likely to create instability. This comes after China announced new rules that could lead to severe penalties, including the death sentence, for individuals seen as strong supporters of Taiwan’s independence.

At a press briefing held by the Department of State, spokesperson Matthew Miller denounced the escalation in rhetoric and actions by Chinese officials. He emphasized the U.S.’s stance on urging restraint and maintaining the current peaceful situation.

Miller emphasized the importance of constructive dialogue between China and Taiwan, stressing that threats and legal measures would not resolve differences peacefully.

Under China’s new guidelines, Chinese courts could prosecute and even sentence individuals labeled as “Taiwan independence separatists” in their absence. The guidelines define activities supporting Taiwan independence as serious crimes, potentially punishable by death.

President of Taiwan, Lai Ching-te, responded to China’s actions by defending Taiwan’s democratic values. He argued that democracy should not be criminalized, contrasting it with what he called China’s autocratic approach. Lai urged China to acknowledge Taiwan’s government and engage in diplomatic relations based on mutual respect.

Overall, the U.S. condemnation reflects concerns over China’s aggressive stance towards Taiwan and underscores the importance of peaceful resolution and respect for democratic principles in the region.

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