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The fifth Moroccan Poets Festival

Photo Credit: ANI

The fifth Moroccan Poets Festival ended in Tetouan, organized by the Department of Culture in Sharjah and the Moroccan Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication. This three-day event celebrated poetry and marked the eighth anniversary of the House of Poetry in Tetouan. Over 30 poets, intellectuals, and artists participated, showcasing their creativity.

The festival’s closing ceremony was held at the School of National Arts and Crafts in Tetouan, attended by prominent figures like Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Owais, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al Qasir, Dr. Youssef Al Fehri, and Mukhles Al Saghir, along with many writers, intellectuals, and students.

Al Saghir highlighted the festival’s mix of artistic forms such as poetry, theatre, music, and visual arts, providing a stage for poets of different ages. Emerging talents recognized by the First Diwan Award for Young Poets mingled with established figures.

Renowned Moroccan poets captivated audiences during evening sessions and gatherings. The festival concluded with a symposium titled “Poetry… from the Creative to the Digital,” discussing how artificial intelligence (AI) influences poetry and art.

The festival’s success emphasized the importance of cultural exchange and support for the arts, with institutions like the House of Poetry playing a crucial role.

The collaboration between Sharjah’s Department of Culture and Morocco’s Ministry of Youth, Culture, and Communication showcased how international partnerships enrich cultural diversity and promote dialogue.

The fifth edition of the Moroccan Poets Festival showcased a variety of artistic expressions, celebrating a rich cultural tapestry and providing recognition to poets of different generations.

Exploring AI’s role in poetry opened new creative possibilities while honoring traditional art forms, sparking discussions about the future of poetry in the digital age.

In conclusion, the festival reaffirmed poetry’s ability to unite people across cultures and generations, blending tradition with innovation to evolve the art form.

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