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The attempt by a man to establish Pakistan’s first gay club resulted in his confinement to a mental hospital by authorities who deemed his actions as indicative of “illness.”

Image Source: Ruma Aktar/Getty Images

According to The Telegraph, a man who sought to establish Pakistan’s inaugural gay club was reportedly confined to a mental hospital by local authorities. The individual, who chose to remain anonymous, submitted a proposal for an LGBTQ+ club in Abbottabad, famously known as the site of Osama bin Laden’s final hideout. He argued that the club, proposed to be named “Lorenzo gay club,” would serve as a crucial resource for the LGBTQ+ community in Abbottabad.

In his application to the city’s deputy commissioner, he stressed that the establishment would strictly prohibit any sexual acts, thus avoiding violation of the country’s anti-sodomy laws, which carry a life sentence as punishment. The proposed plans included visible signage to reinforce this regulation.

Although the deputy commissioner’s office has not yet responded to the club request, The Telegraph confirmed that the application was under review. However, the leak of the proposal online triggered significant controversy and strong opposition from local politicians, with some factions even issuing threats of violence.

Furthermore, The Telegraph reported that amidst the public outcry, the man was forcibly admitted to the Sarhad Hospital For Psychiatric Disease in Peshawar. His friends expressed concern for his well-being and reported restricted visitation rights.

Before his detainment, the applicant expressed to the newspaper: “I talk about human rights, and I want everyone’s human rights to be defended.”

He also indicated to the newspaper that if authorities rejected the application, he would pursue legal action.

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