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Sunil Chhetri – Farewell

Image Source: ANI

The Last Dance: Sunil Chhetri finally bids a Farewell to his fans

Sunil Chhetri, amidst his distinguished international football career, found its conclusion without the fairy-tale ending he had envisioned. In a crucial FIFA World Cup qualifying encounter held in Kolkata, India grappled to a goalless stalemate against Kuwait.

Despite his retirement announcement weeks prior, Chhetri, at 39, couldn’t rally India to the victory needed for progression to the next qualifying round.

This outcome now plunges India’s advancement prospects into uncertainty, with a formidable match against Qatar looming, while Afghanistan and Kuwait also vie for progression.

Chhetri’s focus remained steadfastly on the team’s performance rather than his retirement, emphasizing the collective effort over personal accolades. “It’s not about me and my last game. It’s about us and Kuwait,” he asserted before kick-off, highlighting his unwavering dedication to the national squad’s triumph. The match took place in Kolkata, where fervent local support buoyed Chhetri and his teammates.

Despite the match’s heightened stakes and emotional weight, the Indian team struggled to breach Kuwait’s defense, ultimately settling for a draw and complicating their journey to the final stage of World Cup qualification.

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