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Skoda Considers Launching Elroq Electric SUV in India

Image Source: autocarindia.com

Skoda India is actively considering introducing the Elroq electric SUV alongside the already confirmed Enyaq iV, with plans to potentially assemble both models locally. The global unveiling of the Skoda Elroq is slated for later this year, followed by its European market debut in early 2025. Pending a feasibility study, Skoda aims to commence local assembly of these SUVs by the last quarter of 2025.

Exploration of Local Assembly

Skoda’s exploration extends to local assembly for efficiency gains, leveraging the common platform shared by the Enyaq and Elroq. Petr Janeba, Skoda India’s brand director, highlighted the synergies in parts and components across both models, underscoring potential cost efficiencies.

Government’s EV Manufacturing Policy

While evaluating participation in India’s EV manufacturing policy announced earlier this year, Skoda assesses the policy’s requirements and incentives. The policy mandates the establishment of manufacturing facilities within three years, offering reduced customs duties on limited imports as incentives, with a minimum investment threshold of Rs 4,150 crore.

Implications and Strategy

Participation in the EV policy would align Skoda with Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFÉ) targets and facilitate imports of niche EVs at a reduced customs duty of 15 percent. Should Skoda opt out of the policy, initial EV operations would focus on the Enyaq model.

Skoda Enyaq and Elroq: Highlights

The Skoda Enyaq iV, built on the VW Group’s MEB platform, is poised for launch in India, featuring dimensions close to the Skoda Kodiaq but tailored as a two-row SUV. The Enyaq iV 80x variant, expected in India, boasts a 77kWh battery supporting 125kW DC fast charging, delivering 265hp with AWD capabilities and a range of 513km (WLTP).

In contrast, details of the Skoda Elroq, though yet to be officially revealed, showcase its anticipated prowess. Spanning approximately 4.2 meters, the Elroq will debut Skoda’s Modern Solid design language, offering four variants (Elroq 50, 60, 85, and 85x) with varying battery capacities (55kWh, 63kWh, and 82kWh) and power outputs ranging from 168hp to 295hp. Available in both RWD and AWD configurations, the Elroq promises a range exceeding 560km.

Skoda’s strategic approach underscores its commitment to advancing in the electric vehicle segment, leveraging technological prowess and market opportunities to enhance its footprint in India’s burgeoning EV landscape.

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