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Rare Pink Dolphin Captured On Camera In US water. Pictures Go Viral Are they AI Generated?

Image Source: hindustantimes.com

Several pictures of a rare pink dolphin spotted in the United States have been gaining significant traction on social media, leaving the internet in disbelief. According to reports, the extremely rare dolphin was captured on camera off the North Carolina coast.

Pink dolphin sightings are extremely rare. Also known as Amazon river dolphins or boto, these mammals are native to South America and live in the freshwater of the Amazon and Orinoco river basins in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, and Venezuela. North Carolina is thousands of kilometers away from these countries.

After closely examining the visuals, many outlets noted that the dolphin appeared to have an unusual plastic look and was in the exact same pose in each photo, leading to suspicions that it might be fake or AI-generated. However, no conclusive evidence has been found to support either claim.

Additionally, no officials have commented on the alleged sighting. Wildlife authorities in North Carolina have never confirmed the presence of a pink dolphin in the region.

Despite the skepticism, netizens expressed a desire for such dolphins to exist due to their beautiful appearance, even if this particular sighting turned out to be fabricated.

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