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PM Modi Mocks Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha: ‘Balak Buddhi, Tumse Na Ho Paaega’

Image Source: hindustantimes.com

Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a sharp rebuke to Leader of Opposition Rahul Gandhi during his speech in the Lok Sabha, branding him as ‘balak buddhi’ (a grown man with a child’s mind) and accusing him of staging drama to elicit sympathy. Responding to Gandhi’s recent remarks in Parliament, PM Modi dismissed them as calculated attempts to gain public sympathy through contrived grievances.

“Balak buddhi has been crying… this person hit me, that person hit me, I was hit here, I was hit there… this drama is being played to gain sympathy,” PM Modi remarked, mocking Gandhi’s portrayal of himself as a victim. He further criticized Gandhi’s demeanor, suggesting that someone lacking maturity resorts to such theatrical tactics, referencing instances like Gandhi winking during parliamentary sessions.

PM Modi addressed Gandhi’s critiques of the government, including issues like the NEET controversy and questions about Hindu ideology within the party, noting that substantial parts of Gandhi’s speech were expunged by Speaker Om Birla.

Turning to Gandhi’s legal challenges, PM Modi asserted, “…A new drama has been concocted to garner sympathy, but the truth is that he (Rahul Gandhi) is out on bail in a case involving embezzlement of thousands of crores. He has been convicted for defaming OBC individuals and was compelled to apologize after making irresponsible statements in the Supreme Court.”

On Gandhi’s display of a poster featuring Lord Shiva in the Lok Sabha, PM Modi criticized the exploitation of religious symbols for personal political gains, emphasizing the sacredness of such images and their improper use in parliamentary proceedings.

PM Modi underscored the importance of maintaining parliamentary decorum, cautioning against disregarding immature behavior that he suggested exposes ulterior motives not in the nation’s best interests.

Taking aim at the Congress party, PM Modi labeled it a “parasite,” critiquing its electoral strategies and exaggerated claims of victory. He humorously likened the party’s touted successes to celebrating a minor achievement amidst broader failure, drawing parallels to a student celebrating scoring 99 out of 543.

In his address, PM Modi delivered a robust rebuttal to Rahul Gandhi’s criticisms, reaffirming his commitment to upholding parliamentary dignity and exposing what he characterized as political theatrics designed to manipulate public opinion.

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