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Next-Gen Skoda Kodiaq Set for Mid-2025 Launch

Image Source: autocarindia.com 

Launched worldwide in October of the previous year, the upgraded Skoda Kodiaq is set to debut in India by 2025. Autocar India has confirmed that the introduction will take place between April and June of the same year.

Key Points:

– Launch period: April-June 2025

– Keeping the 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine

– Skoda’s compact SUV will be introduced before the Kodiaq

In an interview with Petr Janeba, the brand director of Skoda India, it was disclosed that the new Kodiaq will be manufactured locally. When questioned about the delay in its arrival in India, Janeba clarified that importing fully assembled units (CBUs) is easier than importing individual parts and components that require homologation to the latest standards. Moreover, Skoda is in the process of creating new shipping racks to transport parts of the right-hand drive Kodiaq to India. “The vehicle is an entirely new model, so the racks also need to be new. Developing these efficient racks takes time,” Janeba explained.

To date, the second-generation Kodiaq has only been revealed in a configuration for the left-hand drive market. The right-hand drive version for India is still undergoing testing and has been spotted on Indian roads recently without any camouflage.

Powertrain, Specifications, and Features:

The new Kodiaq will keep the same 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine as the previous model, generating 190hp and 320Nm of peak torque. It will be equipped with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission for all-wheel drive.

The Kodiaq for India is expected to include features similar to those found in the European model. It will feature a prominent 13-inch touchscreen for controlling most of the vehicle’s functions, along with a fully digital instrument cluster and three new physical ‘smart dials’. The outer dials, each with a 32mm color display, will handle climate controls for both the driver and passengers, while the middle dial can be adjusted to manage infotainment settings, driving modes, map zoom, and air conditioning.

At present, the Kodiaq is available in a single, fully equipped L&K variant, priced at Rs 39.99 lakh (excluding showroom fees). Due to the updates, it is expected that the price will increase. Skoda has confirmed that the existing model will remain available in India until the end of this year, after which there will be a 3-6 month break before the Kodiaq’s launch.

Upcoming Skoda Compact SUV:

Skoda’s latest compact SUV is scheduled for a February 2025 release. Janeba mentioned, “We aim for it to be the star for at least two months, so we want to ensure it doesn’t get overshadowed by the Kodiaq’s debut. The compact SUV deserves its spotlight before the Kodiaq comes into the picture.”

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