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Next-Gen Mitsubishi Pajero SUV Rendered with a Touch of Luxury

Image Source: rushlane.com

While the smaller Pajero Sport remains on sale, Mitsubishi discontinued the larger Pajero (known as Montero and Shogun in some markets) in 2021. Speculation now surrounds Mitsubishi’s plans to reintroduce an updated Pajero in the coming years, aimed at the luxury SUV segment with a host of advanced features and technologies. Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate its design, recently visualized in a stunning new 2027 Mitsubishi Pajero render.

Next-Gen Mitsubishi Pajero SUV Rendered

Mitsubishi no longer sells cars in India, where the Pajero and later the Pajero Sport once enjoyed popularity. The rendered image showcases the anticipated return of the larger Pajero, previously marketed as the Montero or Shogun in different regions. The discontinued Pajero was in its 4th generation at the time of its farewell, contrasting with the ongoing presence of the smaller, 3rd generation Pajero Sport.

Scheduled potentially for a 2027 comeback, the new Pajero aims to position itself as Mitsubishi’s flagship luxury SUV, rivalling models like the Mercedes-Benz GLE, BMW X5, and Audi Q7. It is expected to inject fresh vitality into Mitsubishi’s lineup alongside models like the Outlander and Triton.

Design and Features

The rendered Pajero draws design cues from Mitsubishi’s current Outlander SUV, particularly evident in its front-end styling and lighting elements. However, it distinguishes itself with a larger, more muscular stature, featuring pronounced character lines, flared wheel arches, and robust side claddings.

Anticipated dimensions suggest a length around 5 meters and a width of approximately 2 meters, making it larger than its 4th generation predecessor. The render hints at sizable 20 or 21-inch wheels, underscoring its imposing presence.

Inside, the new Pajero is expected to offer a luxurious cabin surpassing the current Outlander, with extensive use of premium materials like leather, upgraded infotainment and instrument displays, enhanced noise insulation, and plush seating. Rear occupants may benefit from increased comfort features, while advanced safety systems, including ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), are likely to be standard.

Powertrain Expectations

Under the hood, the 2027 Mitsubishi Pajero could feature a potent plug-in hybrid powertrain derived from the Outlander, incorporating a 2.4-liter engine and three electric motors (two rear, one front). This configuration is anticipated to deliver a total system output of approximately 400 horsepower, leveraging Mitsubishi’s CMF-C/D platform.

The forthcoming Pajero aims to blend robust off-road capabilities with upscale luxury, positioning itself competitively in both performance and pricing within the premium SUV segment.

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