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Munjya Movie Review

Photo Credit – Maddock Films (Instagram)

Starcast: Sharwari Wagh, Abhay Varma, Bhagyashree Limaye, Mona Sing, S Sathyaraj

Director: Aditya Sarpotdar

Good: Horror elements, Comedy, The Story

Bad: You can skip if you aren’t a fan of Horror comedy

Story: In 1952, in the village of Chiplun, Konkan, a young boy named Gotya is determined to marry Munni, a girl seven years older than him. His mother insists he become a pandit, but Gotya’s obsession with Munni leads him to black magic. Unfortunately, his efforts backfire, resulting in his death and transformation into ‘Munjya’. Years later, Bittu, a descendant of Gotya’s family, faces the horror as Munjya returns, still fixated on Munni.

Performances: Abhay Verma excels as the timid and nervous Bittu, blending fear and bravery while interacting impressively with the CGI-created Munjya. Sharvari Wagh, playing Bela, shines especially in the second half. Mona Singh, as Pammy, delivers a fierce performance, making the most of her role despite its limitations. S Sathyaraj brings humor with his portrayal of a demon exorcist, avoiding typical intense character tropes. The supporting cast performs admirably throughout.

Direction & Music: Director Aditya Sarpotdar (known for Marathi Movie – Zombivli, faster Fene) skillfully balances comedy and horror, avoiding overuse of jump scares while keeping the tension high. Munjya, the CGI-made evil entity, adds humor and creepiness with a screeching voice. The film’s background music enhances the intimidating atmosphere, and the sole song, ‘Tainu Khabar Nahi’, is beautifully crafted

Final Verdict: Munjya is a brilliantly made, highly enjoyable horror film. The performances are outstanding, the horror elements are excellent, and the CGI & VFX are impressive. Maddock Films continues to deliver exceptional stories in the horror genre. For fans of horror, this is a must-watch in theaters.

DO NOT MISS OUT on the post credit scene. Welcome to the universe.

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