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Mumbai BMW Hit and Run case – Shinde Sena leader’s son behind wheels:

Image Source: India Today

On a somber Sunday morning in Mumbai, tragedy struck when a speeding BMW, allegedly driven by Mihir Shah, son of Rajesh Shah from the Shiv Sena, collided with a scooter on Annie Besant Road. The impact threw Kaveri Nakhwa from the scooter, tragically causing her death. Her husband, Pradip Nakhwa, who was riding the scooter, witnessed the horrific incident unfold.

Immediately after the crash, the BMW fled the scene, leaving behind a community in shock. Witnesses promptly alerted the authorities, who swiftly responded to the scene. Kaveri was rushed to Nair Hospital, where she was pronounced dead upon arrival, adding a layer of devastation to the unfolding tragedy.

The aftermath saw a frantic search for Mihir Shah, who reportedly abandoned the BMW in Bandra East before fleeing in an auto-rickshaw. Rajrishi Bidawat, the other occupant of the car, also left the scene and was subsequently detained for questioning.

Rajesh Shah, a prominent figure in the Shiv Sena’s Eknath Shinde camp, was detained as the car was registered in his name, intensifying the scrutiny around the incident. The police investigation is focused on determining who was behind the wheel during the fatal collision, a critical detail that will influence the charges Mihir Shah faces.

The incident drew parallels to previous high-profile cases involving powerful individuals and their children, sparking public outcry over accountability and justice. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde expressed deep regret over the incident, emphasizing equal treatment under the law for all involved.

As the investigation unfolds, questions linger about the circumstances leading up to the crash, including whether alcohol was a factor. The broader implications of this tragedy underscore the importance of road safety and accountability, resonating deeply within the community and beyond.

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