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Monday, July 15, 2024

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Momentous news: Indian Universities set to introduce biannual admissions from 2024, aligning with global practices.

Image Source: (ANI/file photo) – UGC chariman Jagadeesh Kumar

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has given its nod to a proposal permitting Indian universities and higher education institutions to hold admissions twice annually, mirroring the practice of many foreign universities. From the 2024-25 academic session onward, Indian universities will have the option to admit students during two distinct cycles: one in July-August and another in January-February, as announced by UGC chief Jagadesh Kumar.

This move is designed to assist students who may miss out on enrollment opportunities during the conventional admission period due to delays in board exam results, health concerns, or other personal reasons.

Furthermore, Kumar pointed out that this new arrangement could facilitate campus recruitment activities twice a year, potentially boosting job prospects for graduates. Additionally, biannual admissions might enable universities to better manage their resources—including faculty, laboratories, classrooms, and support services—resulting in enhanced operational efficiency.

Kumar emphasized that embracing a biannual admission system would align Indian institutions with global norms, thereby augmenting their international attractiveness and fostering broader collaborations and student exchanges.

He stressed that while transitioning to biannual admissions offers substantial benefits, it necessitates meticulous planning and adjustment of administrative procedures to ensure optimal resource utilization and the robustness of support systems to accommodate students entering at different times throughout the year.

Nevertheless, Kumar clarified that the adoption of biannual admissions would not be mandatory for all institutions. “Only those universities and higher education institutions equipped with the requisite infrastructure and faculty are encouraged to embrace this system. It presents an opportunity for institutions keen on expanding their student base and introducing new programs in emerging fields,” he added.

Institutions keen on adopting this system will need to amend their regulations accordingly to facilitate admissions in two cycles each year.

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