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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Urges People to Plant Trees in Honor of Mothers Through ‘Ek Ped Maa Ke Naam’ Campaign.

Photo Credit: ANI

My fellow countrymen, Namaskar. The day we have all eagerly awaited since February has finally arrived. Once again, I am amidst you, my extended family, through ‘Mann Ki Baat’. There is a beautiful saying – ‘Iti Vida Punarmilanaaya’ – which means, “I take leave of you, to meet again.” With this sentiment, back in February, I promised to reconnect with you after the election results, and today, I am fulfilling that promise through ‘Mann Ki Baat’. I hope all of you and your families are in good health, and now that the monsoon has arrived, our spirits are lifted.

From today, in ‘Mann Ki Baat’, we will discuss those fellow citizens who are actively contributing to societal and national progress. We will celebrate our rich culture, illustrious history, and our collective efforts towards building a prosperous India.

Since February, I have missed our monthly dialogue tremendously. However, I was heartened to receive lakhs of messages from you during these months. While the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ radio program paused for a while, its spirit continued to thrive across the nation. Every day, I witnessed countless selfless acts and positive contributions that uplifted society.

During these months, amidst election news, you must have come across stories that deeply touched your hearts. Today, I express my gratitude to the people of our country for reaffirming their unwavering faith in our Constitution and democratic institutions. The 2024 elections were the largest democratic exercise in the world, with 650 million people casting their votes – a feat unparalleled globally. I congratulate the Election Commission and everyone involved in ensuring the smooth conduct of these elections.

My dear countrymen, today, the 30th of June, holds significant importance. It is celebrated by our tribal brothers and sisters as ‘Hool Diwas’. This day commemorates the indomitable courage of Veer Sidhu-Kanhu, who bravely opposed the tyranny of foreign rulers. In 1855, two years before India’s first war of independence, Veer Sidhu-Kanhu led thousands of Santhal compatriots in a valiant struggle against the British in Santhal Pargana, Jharkhand.

The British had inflicted severe atrocities and imposed harsh restrictions on our Santhal brothers and sisters. Veer Sidhu and Kanhu exhibited extraordinary bravery and made the ultimate sacrifice in this fight for justice. Their courage continues to inspire us all. Let us now listen to an excerpt from a song dedicated to them in the Santhali language.

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