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Monday, July 15, 2024

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Manipur CM

Manipur CM;s convoy attacked by Armed assailants (Photo Credit – Special Arrangement)

Armed assailants targeted a convoy safeguarding Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh as it advanced towards Jiribam. The attack resulted in injuries to two officers, including the driver. Gunfire erupted between security personnel and the assailants along National Highway-53 near Kotlen village, with the skirmish ongoing.

Chief Minister Singh’s convoy encountered ambush by militants in Kangpokpi district on Monday, causing injuries to a security member. The incident transpired while en route from Imphal to Jiribam, scheduled for Tuesday, a region marred by recent turmoil following a resident’s death on June 6. The unrest escalated into arson, engulfing around 70 homes and prompting mass evacuations.

As the situation deteriorated, security forces intensified efforts, with a joint team scouring the area. Ethnic tensions, exacerbated by recent events, prompted evacuations and led to violence spreading beyond Manipur’s borders. Jiribam, previously untouched by such conflicts, witnessed unprecedented turmoil, impacting its diverse population.

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