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Man suffers a heart attack at a Singaporean casino after winning ₹ 33 crore

Image Source: NDTV

On June 22, panic gripped Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore when a man suffered a heart attack immediately after winning a staggering £3.2 million (approximately Rs 33,76,45,600) jackpot. The incident, reported by news.com.au, occurred as the unnamed man, a regular patron of the casino, was jubilantly celebrating his life-changing win. In a sudden turn of events, amid his exuberance, he collapsed due to cardiac arrest.

Witnesses at the scene described a distressing scene where bystanders gathered around in shock while casino staff rushed to administer emergency aid. The man’s companion, visibly distraught, pleaded with staff as they worked to stabilize him before swiftly transporting him to a hospital for urgent medical attention. Contrary to initial rumors on social media suggesting his demise, industry insiders confirmed that the man is alive and currently recuperating in hospital.

In response to the misinformation circulating online, a spokesperson for Marina Bay Sands condemned the false reports, emphasizing the anguish caused to the man’s family. The casino, owned and operated by Las Vegas Sands, a prominent player in the gaming industry with substantial revenues, has not yet officially confirmed the exact amount of the jackpot despite various speculations.

This unfortunate incident recalls similar incidents elsewhere, such as the tragic case in Michigan where a man was discovered deceased on a beach with a winning ticket, and another incident in Las Vegas where a man experienced cardiac arrest while at a blackjack table. These occurrences underscore the intense emotions and risks associated with gambling and the unforeseen health implications that can arise during moments of extreme excitement.

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