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Man from UP tricks friend to hospital, does sex-change surgery and then proposes marriage

Image for representation: News18

In a shocking incident in Muzaffarnagar district, Uttar Pradesh, a 20-year-old man woke up in a hospital to discover he had undergone sex reassignment surgery without his consent. Allegedly orchestrated by his friend Omprakash Pal and colluding medical staff at Begrajpur Medical College, the victim from Sanjak village was misled into visiting for a routine medical check-up on June 3, where he was sedated and operated on.

Upon awakening, the victim learned from his friend that he was now a woman and they were expected to marry. Omprakash reportedly threatened violence against the victim’s family and seizure of their property if he did not comply, following a two-year period of threats and harassment.

After protests led by the Bharatiya Kisan Union and its leader Shyam Pal demanding justice, local police arrested Omprakash Pal. The protests outside the medical facility called for action against both the friend and implicated hospital staff.

Devastated by the betrayal, the victim expressed that he had trusted his friend when he went to the hospital. Omprakash had planned to relocate them to Lucknow for a fresh start, complicating the victim’s coerced new identity.

Authorities, including Khatauli circle officer Ramashish Yadav, have launched an investigation, promising legal scrutiny for all involved to uncover the full extent of this grave violation.

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