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Mahindra XUV 3XO EV Production Scheduled to Commence by November

Image Source: autocarindia.com

Mahindra is set to launch the all-electric XUV 3XO EV by the end of this year. Internally codenamed S240, it will be positioned below the XUV400 EV and will enter series production by November, as confirmed by Autocar India. Originally slated for a mid-2024 release, the launch has been delayed but is now expected by late 2024.

Key Features and Production Details

The XUV 3XO EV will utilize a 35kWh battery, and it is expected to carry almost all the features of the standard XUV 3XO. Mahindra has set a monthly production target of around 1,500-1,800 units for the XUV 3XO EV. This relatively modest figure suggests a cautious approach, likely due to the slow uptake of EVs and the underwhelming sales of the XUV400 EV despite several updates. Overall, Mahindra plans to produce approximately 12,000 units of the XUV 3XO, covering all fuel types, including petrol, diesel, and electric.

Design and Specifications

The XUV 3XO EV will closely resemble its ICE counterpart in terms of dimensions, following the design lines of the facelifted SUV but with some EV-specific design elements. The interior and equipment are expected to be largely carried over from the XUV 3XO. The vehicle will be powered by a 34.5kWh battery pack, similar to the lower-spec variants of the XUV400 EV. However, details on the range or electric motor specifications have not yet been disclosed.

Pricing and Market Position

Mahindra aims to price the XUV 3XO EV more aggressively than the XUV400 EV, with prices expected to start from Rs 15 lakh and go up to Rs 17 lakh. This pricing strategy makes it about Rs 2 lakh more affordable than the top-end XUV400 EV. The XUV400 EV’s slow sales performance has prompted Mahindra to take a more competitive approach with the XUV 3XO EV, aiming to challenge the Tata Nexon EV more effectively.

With these strategic moves, Mahindra hopes to gain a stronger foothold in the electric SUV market and address the shortcomings experienced with the XUV400 EV. The XUV 3XO EV’s launch will be closely watched as the company attempts to capture a larger share of the growing EV market in India.

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