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Luv Sinha Clarifies Absence from Sonakshi Sinha’s Wedding, Raises Concerns About Zaheer Iqbal’s Father’s Dubai Connection

Image Source: hindustantimes.com

Actor Sonakshi Sinha and Zaheer Iqbal tied the knot on June 23 in a ceremony attended by their loved ones. However, the absence of Sonakshi’s brother, Luv Sinha, at the wedding raised eyebrows, prompting Luv to address his reasons on social media.

**Luv’s Reasons for Missing Sonakshi’s Wedding**

Luv took to X (formerly Twitter) to share his perspective. He referenced an article from Telegraph India, emphasizing that family always comes first for him. He wrote, “Why I chose not to attend. Running an online campaign against me on a false premise won’t change the fact that for me my family will always come first.”

Later, Luv highlighted a specific paragraph from the article concerning Zaheer’s family background, which raised concerns about his father’s connections and business dealings. The paragraph mentioned issues such as his father’s proximity to a politician under investigation and his business activities in Dubai.

On Monday, Luv clarified his stance, stating, “The reasons are very clear as to why I didn’t attend, and would not associate with some people no matter what. I’m glad a member of the media did their research instead of relying on creative stories being put out by a PR team.”

While Luv opted not to attend, his parents, Shatrughan Sinha and Poonam, along with his twin brother Kussh, were present at the intimate wedding held in Bandra, Mumbai.

**Shatrughan Sinha’s Hospitalization**

Shortly after the wedding, Shatrughan Sinha was hospitalized in Mumbai due to a high fever. Luv clarified to PTI that his father’s hospital visit was precautionary, aimed at monitoring his health and conducting routine tests.

Shatrughan Sinha also took to X on Tuesday to thank well-wishers for their congratulations on Sonakshi’s wedding. He shared photos from the hospital, emphasizing his enjoyment of family time amidst the distractions created by social media.

**Sonakshi and Zaheer’s Love Story**

Sonakshi and Zaheer, who had been dating for seven years, chose their anniversary date to exchange vows. Reflecting on their journey, they expressed gratitude for their families’ blessings and the love that had guided them through challenges.

The couple shared their joy, stating, “Today that love has guided us through all the challenges and triumphs… leading up to this moment… where with the blessings of both our families and both our gods… we are now man and wife.”

Sonakshi and Zaheer’s wedding marks a significant milestone in their relationship, celebrated amidst family support and personal reflections on their journey together.

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