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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Kuwait Fire – Multiple Indians Among 49 Deceased in Kuwait Fire, PM Assures Embassy’s Vigilance

In a tragic incident in Kuwait’s Mangaf city, several Indians were among the 49 individuals who lost their lives in a fire that erupted in a building housing workers. The fire, which began at 6 am local time (9 am IST), left over 40 people hospitalized, according to Kuwaiti authorities.

Reports indicate that the fire originated in the building’s kitchen, a six-storey structure accommodating nearly 160 residents, all workers from the same company. Eyewitnesses recounted harrowing scenes of individuals leaping from the fifth floor in a desperate bid to escape the flames, resulting in further casualties.

Expressing condolences, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his sorrow over the incident and assured the affected families of support. He emphasized the Indian Embassy in Kuwait’s active involvement in monitoring the situation and collaborating with local authorities to aid those impacted.

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar echoed the sentiments, disclosing that the Indian ambassador had promptly responded by visiting the site. The embassy has established a helpline number for assistance, emphasizing its commitment to providing aid to affected Indian nationals.

Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Adarsh Swaika reported that over 30 injured Indian workers were receiving treatment at Al-Adan hospital. Efforts are underway to ensure their well-being and facilitate any necessary arrangements for their return home.

In response to the tragedy, Junior Foreign Minister Kirti Vardhan Singh will travel to Kuwait to oversee assistance efforts and coordinate with local authorities for the repatriation of the deceased.

The incident underscored concerns regarding overcrowded worker accommodations, with authorities urging caution against such practices. Investigations into the cause of the fire are ongoing, while Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Fahad al-Yousuf al-Sabah visited the site, ordering the arrest of the building’s owner and attributing the tragedy to the avarice of real estate proprietors.

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