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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Khavda Plant

(Image Source / ANI)

A colossal £15.8 billion solar and wind power facility, known as the Khavda Renewable Energy Park, is poised to become a landmark visible from space. Situated in Gujarat, India, this mammoth project covers an area five times larger than Paris, spanning approximately 200 square miles. Upon completion, it will contribute over nine percent of India’s total renewable energy output, making it the largest power plant globally.

Since its introduction to India’s national grid in March of this year, the Khavda project has showcased its potential to power 20 million homes, serving as a significant step towards India’s energy sustainability. Sagar Adani, executive director of Adani Green Energy Limited, emphasized the importance of India’s commitment to renewable energy, stressing the need to avoid replicating the fossil fuel dependency seen in other nations.

Moreover, the Khavda project is set to be the largest renewable energy park in India, boasting a cumulative capacity of around 45 GW. Collaborating with state-run entities like NTPC and Gujarat Industries Power Company, Adani’s venture demonstrates a substantial investment in India’s renewable energy infrastructure.

The financing strategy for the project has been meticulously planned, with comprehensive consideration given to capital outlay, equity requirements, and financial processes. With an emphasis on domestic manufacturing, Adani New Industries Limited aims to invest over ₹30,000 crore in the production of solar modules, cells, wafers, and ingots over the next four years, ensuring a robust supply chain for solar power generation.

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