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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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“Kauwa Biryani” Actor Vijay Raaz Loses His Calm After Paparazzi Follow Him Inside Film Sets

Image Source: Instagram

Actor Vijay Raaz, typically known for his composed and calm demeanor, was seen in an uncharacteristically heated altercation with the paparazzi, surprising many.

The incident occurred when the paparazzi followed him onto the set of his latest project, disrupting the proceedings.

A video of the encounter has gone viral, showing Raaz visibly agitated and chasing the photographers off the set. In the footage, he can be heard exclaiming, “Kya ye ludo ludo laga rakha hai… Band karo ye sab, band kar camera,” which translates to, “What is this, some kind of game? Stop all this, turn off the camera.”

He further admonished them to keep away from the set, warning, “Dikhna nahi chahiye set pe, nikal,” meaning “You shouldn’t be seen on the set, get out!”

Given Raaz’s reputation for maintaining his cool under pressure, the altercation has sparked considerable debate and curiosity among fans and onlookers. Some are speculating whether the incident was a genuine display of frustration or perhaps a scripted act for a project.

As the video continues to circulate widely on social media, opinions remain divided, and the true nature of the incident remains unclear. However, one thing is certain: Vijay Raaz’s unexpected outburst has caught everyone’s attention, and people are keenly awaiting further developments to understand the context behind this surprising incident.
See video here: https://www.instagram.com/p/C8hFaTKvNHY/

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