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Kathua Terror Attack: Traces of Pakistani Origin Uncovered on Terrorists’ Bodies

Photo Credit: Hindustan Times

In the aftermath of the assault on a village in Kathua district, Jammu and Kashmir, on Tuesday, the belongings of two deceased assailants revealed several items of Pakistani origin.

Local authorities disclosed the discovery of three magazines containing 30 rounds, along with three live grenades among the terrorists’ possessions. Additionally, the attackers carried ₹1 lakh in ₹500 notes. Notably, they possessed Pakistani-manufactured chocolates, dry chenna, and stale chapatis.

In addition to the tragic loss of a CRPF soldier during the encounter, the terrorists also carried Pakistani-made medicines, painkiller injections, two packs of A4 battery cells, a handset with an antenna, and two wires. The Kathua police reported the recovery of an M4 carbine and an AK-47 gun from the scene.

The skirmish unfolded on Tuesday evening in Kathua’s Hira Nagar area, prompting a swift response from security forces comprising the Army, Jammu and Kashmir police, and CRPF personnel. While one assailant met his demise early Wednesday as he attempted to launch a grenade, the other engaged in a prolonged standoff, ultimately succumbing in a 3 am exchange of gunfire with the authorities. Tragically, a CRPF member lost his life in the confrontation, and one civilian sustained injuries.

Authorities caution that a new infiltrative group has surfaced in the region, raising concerns about potential hidden terrorists. Consequently, an ongoing search operation remains underway, with the area cordoned off to ensure safety. Further updates on the incident will follow, as stated by ADGP Jammu Anand Jain during a briefing on the anti-terror operation in Kathua.

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