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Kangana Ranaut explains

Image Source: Kangana Ranaut/Instagram

Kangana Ranaut has elaborated on the events just before the slap, alleging that the CISF constable “strategically waited” for her and “quietly came from behind.”

Kangana Ranaut, an actor and BJP MP who recently secured victory in the Lok Sabha election from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, faced an altercation at the Chandigarh airport when she was allegedly slapped by a CISF constable named Kulwinder Kaur on Thursday. Kangana took to social media later that day to address the incident, suggesting a link between the attack and terrorism in Punjab. The following day, she shared two Instagram stories detailing the encounter and drew comparisons to the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who was assassinated by her bodyguards. Kangana also appeared to use the opportunity to promote her upcoming film, where she portrays Indira Gandhi.

In her account of the incident, Kangana accused the CISF constable of deliberately targeting her and likened the assault to a “signature Khalistani style” attack. She claimed that when she questioned the constable, she diverted attention by engaging with other passengers filming the scene. Kangana hinted at political motivations behind the constable’s actions, insinuating a bid for electoral advantage.

Kangana is set to portray Indira Gandhi in the film “Emergency,” which she both directed and produced. Originally slated for a June release, the film’s premiere was postponed due to Kangana’s foray into politics. She had previously declared her intent to retire from acting if successful in the election.

On Thursday evening, Kangana addressed the incident on Instagram, reassuring her followers of her safety. In a video message, she stated, “First of all, I am safe, I am perfectly fine… As soon as I came out after the security check, a woman in another cabin, a CISF security staff, she waited for me to cross her and hit my face from the side. She started abusing me. When I asked her why, she said that she supports the farmers’ protest. I am safe but my concern is how we handle the terrorism and extremism that is increasing in Punjab.”

The slapping incident took place as Kangana was entering Chandigarh airport en route to Delhi on Thursday. Following the altercation, Kangana was caught on camera remarking, “Isne bayaan diya tha na 100-100 rupye ke liye baithi hain vahan pe. Ye baithi thi vahan pe? Meri maa baithi thi vahan pe jab isne bayaan diya tha (She had given a statement that women have joined the farm protests for Rs 100. Was she there? My mother was sitting there).” Kangana’s previous tweet during the 2020 farmers’ protest, suggesting an elderly woman was available for protests at a price, had drawn significant criticism.

The constable involved has been suspended from duty, and a police complaint has been lodged against her. Kangana also announced her intention to file a complaint with the Ministry of Home Affairs.

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