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In the midst of Kashmir

In the midst of Kashmir’s dry winter, the snow-covered Bangus Valley in Kupwara district emerges as a winter wonderland.

Despite the extended dry period impacting many tourist destinations in Kashmir, Bangus Valley, adorned with snow, is captivating visitors as it anticipates transformation into a winter getaway.

Nestled amidst the Shamsbari mountain ranges in Kupwara district of north Kashmir, Bangus Valley’s untouched natural allure is luring snow enthusiasts.

While popular spots like Gulmarg, Pahalgam, and Sonamarg disappoint due to the dry spell, Bangus Valley, draped in a blanket of snow, emerges as an enticing alternative.

According to a Forest Department official speaking to Kashmir News Observer (KNO), efforts are underway to promote and develop Bangus Valley, aiming to enhance its accessibility and appeal to tourists. These efforts include eco-friendly infrastructure development like washrooms and rain sheds.

Anticipating a surge in visitors, the official expressed optimism for a record-breaking year in terms of tourism in Bangus Valley.

Local tourism enthusiast Shahid Wani emphasized the valley’s potential as an eco-friendly winter destination, highlighting its natural beauty comprising landscapes, snow, forests, and expansive meadows.

Despite challenges such as ongoing road construction and infrastructure needs, there’s confidence that Bangus Valley could become a year-round favorite.

However, some locals voiced concerns about inadequate infrastructure hindering the valley’s development, urging government investment in wooden and prefabricated accommodations to ensure a comfortable yet environmentally friendly stay for tourists.

An official clarified that Bangus Valley remains under forest department jurisdiction for infrastructure development, despite its potential as a new tourist spot supporting around 1,000 livelihoods.

With optimism for its future, officials foresee Bangus Valley evolving into a premier tourist destination in Kashmir.

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