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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Flight operations from Terminal 1 at Delhi Airport have been suspended indefinitely following the collapse of the canopy

Photo Credit: ANI

Flight operations at Delhi Airport’s Terminal 1 came to a standstill on Friday morning after a section of its roof collapsed due to heavy rainfall, leading to tragic consequences. Sources indicate that the incident occurred around 5 am, claiming one life and causing injuries to five others. As a result, all domestic flight departures from Terminal 1 were immediately suspended, with plans in motion to redirect operations to Terminals 2 and 3 temporarily.

Despite the disruption, passengers who were already inside Terminal 1 were allowed to proceed with their flights initially. However, by 7:30 am, all departures were halted completely. Fortunately, flight arrivals remained unaffected by the incident.

Emergency response teams swiftly responded to the scene, providing necessary medical aid to the injured. The collapse was attributed to the persistent heavy rainfall that had been occurring since the early hours of the morning, according to a spokesperson from Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL). To ensure safety, check-in counters at Terminal 1 were closed as a precautionary measure.

Civil Aviation Minister K Rammohan Naidu expressed his personal involvement in overseeing the situation and coordinating assistance for affected passengers. Meanwhile, airlines like IndiGo and SpiceJet reported operational disruptions and flight cancellations due to the incident, affecting their services across the network.

This unexpected turn of events underscored the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions on airport infrastructure and highlighted the swift response required to manage such emergencies effectively.

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