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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Drone scare attracts Anti-Drone guns

Image Source: ANI

With drones appearing in the night skies and causing anxiety among residents, the Pune rural police are preparing a proposal for the purchase of ‘anti-drone guns’ to submit to the Pune district planning committee.

Messages, along with photos and videos of drones allegedly flying at night in certain areas of the Pune district, have gone viral on social media. In a press release issued on Saturday, the police stated that over the last two weeks, drones flying at night in the eastern parts of the Pune district have unsettled residents, causing confusion and raising questions.

To address the mystery surrounding these drones, the Pune rural police have undergone training under experts to operate ‘anti-drone guns’, enabling them to take action against illegally flying drones.

Consequently, a proposal to procure two anti-drone guns from a private company is being prepared for submission to the Pune district planning committee, the release added. The police have urged citizens to refrain from believing everything they hear about the drones and from spreading unverified rumors.

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