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Darshan’s Co-Star Pavithra Gowda Spotted Wearing Makeup in Custody; Sub-Inspector Receives Notice

Image Source: hindustantimes.com

The Karnataka Police have issued a formal warning to a female sub-inspector for allegedly permitting Kannada film actress Pavithra Gowda, the main suspect in the Renukaswamy murder case, to use cosmetics while in police custody. Sources mentioned by India Today report that the case was initiated on Wednesday, leading the Deputy Commissioner of Police (West) to request an explanation from the sub-inspector.

The situation started when Pavithra was brought to her residence in Bengaluru to document the crime scene. On her way back, she was observed applying lipstick and makeup, and even showing signs of happiness, which led to doubts about her apparent lack of regret.

S. Girish, the Deputy Commissioner of Police (West), gave the warning to the sub-inspector from Vijayanagar police station following media reports that brought the issue to light. Girish stated, “Pavithra would reside at her home every night, likely having her makeup bag there. The female PSI would then go there in the morning to pick her up and take her to AP Nagar police station. The female PSI might have noticed this and could have stopped Pavithra from using makeup. This oversight has resulted in her receiving a formal notice for an explanation.”

The murder case involves Pavithra, her co-star Darshan, and their associates, who are accused of killing a fan named Renukaswamy on June 10. Renukaswamy had reportedly sent harassing messages to Pavithra, which led to Darshan’s anger. Although there have been rumors suggesting a romantic relationship between Pavithra and Darshan, the actor’s legal representative has denied these claims, stating that their relationship was merely platonic. Darshan’s wife, Vijayalakshmi, and their son have recently visited him at Bengaluru Central Jail, urging fans to stay calm.

This development has attracted considerable media attention and public interest, especially concerning the behavior of law enforcement officials and the treatment of suspects in custody. The police are now facing criticism for the oversight in allowing Pavithra to maintain her appearance while under investigation for such a grave crime. The issued notice suggests an effort to address and correct this mistake.

The case is ongoing as investigators explore the details of Renukaswamy’s murder and the involvement of Pavithra, Darshan, and others. The public is eagerly awaiting further updates and justice as the investigation continues.

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