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“Buddha Boy” sentenced for 10 years by Nepal Court

Image Source: Sanjit Pariyar/NurPhoto/Getty Images

In a significant and tragic turn of events, a Nepali court has sentenced Ram Bahadur Bamjon, once widely believed to be a reincarnation of the Buddha, to 10 years in prison for child sexual abuse. This decision was handed down by the Sarlahi district court in southern Nepal, accompanied by an order for Bamjon, now 33 years old, to pay $3,750 in compensation to the victim.

Ram Bahadur Bamjon gained global attention as a teenager in 2005 when thousands flocked to witness the so-called “Buddha Boy” meditating under a tree in a dense forest in southeastern Nepal for nearly 10 months. However, his recent legal troubles overshadow the mystique that once surrounded him.

Bamjon’s lawyer, Dilip Kumar Jha, announced plans to appeal the court’s decision in a higher court. The case unfolded following Bamjon’s arrest earlier in the year at a location on the outskirts of Kathmandu.

The saga of Bamjon began nearly two decades ago, when he retreated into the jungle at the age of 15, reportedly abstaining from food, sleep, or water during his extended meditation. Although his followers claimed miraculous feats, such as surviving without sustenance, these claims were never independently verified.

Despite the initial awe and reverence Bamjon commanded, his fall from grace underscores the complexities of faith, celebrity, and accountability. The story highlights the dangers of unchecked idolization and the critical importance of due process in adjudicating allegations of serious crimes.

While once hailed by some as a spiritual figure of great significance, Bamjon’s legacy now faces a stark reckoning with the law, altering perceptions of his once-fabled persona in the eyes of the public and his former followers alike.

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