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BMW hit-and-run in Mumbai, Mihir Shah, the primary suspect, had consumed a significant amount of alcohol on the night of the event

Photo Credit: ANI

In a recent incident involving a BMW hit-and-run in Mumbai, police revealed that Mihir Shah, the primary suspect, had consumed a significant amount of alcohol on the night of the event. Both Mihir Shah and his co-accused, Rajrishi Bidawat, are currently under police custody after confessing to their roles in the incident.

During interrogation, both individuals were confronted, resulting in admissions regarding their involvement. The Mumbai Police recreated the scene from CJ House Worli to Sea Link Worli to reconstruct the events of that fateful night. Mihir Shah expressed regret for his actions, acknowledging the gravity of the situation.

In the early hours of the incident, following a collision with a couple on a scooter, Mihir Shah allegedly continued driving despite knowing that Kaveri Nakhwa was trapped beneath his car’s tire. Despite pleas from bystanders, he reportedly did not stop and later altered his appearance by shaving his beard and trimming his hair to avoid detection.

According to reports citing excise officials, Mihir Shah and his companions had consumed twelve large pegs of whiskey earlier in the day, which could have led to up to eight hours of intoxication. They left the bar at 1:30 am, and the accident occurred around 5 am, within the window of alcohol’s effects.

Authorities are continuing their investigation, focusing on recovering Mihir Shah’s driving license and gathering statements from his family and acquaintances. Mihir Shah, aged 24, will remain in police custody until July 16, pending further inquiries.

Following the incident, Rajesh Shah, Mihir Shah’s father and a Deputy leader of Shiv Sena, has been relieved of his duties following directives from Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde.

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