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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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An Indian man spray-painted the Stonehenge monument in the UK with orange paint as a protest against climate change.

Image Source: reuters.com

Two activists, including a 73-year-old Indian-origin individual, were arrested by Wiltshire Police on Wednesday for spraying orange paint on the Stonehenge historical landmark in south-west England.

Rajan Naidu from Birmingham explained that the orange cornflour used in their protest against fossil fuels was intended to create a striking visual display that would naturally dissipate with rain. Joining him was 21-year-old Oxford student Niamh Lynch, both campaigning against the continued reliance on coal, oil, and gas.

“We must end the fossil fuel era before it ends us,” Naidu asserted in a statement released by Just Stop Oil. He advocated for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty akin to those used in the past to address nuclear threats, emphasizing the need for global action to phase out fossil fuels and support affected economies and communities.

“The orange cornflour we used for this spectacle will wash away, but the imperative for effective government action to mitigate climate and ecological crises remains urgent. Sign the treaty,” Naidu urged.

Just Stop Oil stated that the activists had “decorated” Stonehenge with orange powder to demand that the incoming UK government commit to collaborating with other nations on a fair plan to cease oil, gas, and coal extraction and combustion by 2030.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak denounced the incident as “disgraceful vandalism,” while Opposition Labour Leader Keir Starmer condemned it as “outrageous.”

Wiltshire Police confirmed the arrest of two suspects for damaging the ancient monument with orange paint. They are cooperating with English Heritage as their investigation continues.

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