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After Europe, India to Mandate USB-C Charging Ports for All Phones

Image Source: businesstoday.in

In a move similar to the European Union’s 2022 directive, the Indian government is reportedly set to standardize the charging port for smartphones and tablets sold in India. According to Livemint, this new mandate will require all such devices to feature a common charging port, specifically USB Type-C, and is expected to be enforced by June 2025. The regulation aims to extend to laptops by 2026 but will initially exclude feature phones, audio products, and wearables.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) is spearheading this initiative with the primary goal of reducing e-waste. The multitude of different cables and adapters currently required contributes significantly to electronic waste, an issue this standardization seeks to address.

This move comes as various devices already adopt USB Type-C; most Android smartphones, recent iPhones from the iPhone 15 series onward, and newer iPads feature this connector. However, some Apple MacBooks still use MagSafe or other types of connectors. The shift for Apple was largely influenced by the EU’s earlier mandate, which required a uniform charging port across a broader range of electronic devices, including cameras and handheld consoles.

Discussions about this standardization in India surfaced in November 2022, as reported by NDTV, involving a task force composed of representatives from various sectors, including major smartphone brands like Samsung and Apple. Last year, there was also pressure on Apple from the Indian government to reintroduce older iPhone models with USB-C ports to align with local production aspirations and forthcoming regulations.

While the detailed timeline for implementing these new regulations remains to be finalized, the transition for smartphones and tablets is slated for next year, with laptops following in 2026.

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