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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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A man tries to set woman cop on fire in Pune:

Image Source: Pune Police

In a disturbing incident in Pune, a man under the influence of alcohol allegedly attempted to set fire to a woman traffic police officer who had stopped him during a drunk driving check. The incident occurred around 8 P.M. on Friday at Laxmi Road, within the jurisdiction of the Faraskhana Traffic Police Station.

The traffic police team, including API Shailaja Jankar, had stopped the man, identified as Sanjay F Salve, 32, riding a motorcycle. Sensing something amiss in his behavior, they requested him to accompany them to the nearby police station. Angered by the request, Salve fled the scene but returned an hour later with petrol.

Salve proceeded to douse the woman officer with petrol and attempted to ignite it with a lighter. Thankfully, her colleagues intervened swiftly, managing to restrain Salve before any harm could be done. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Rohidas Pawar, confirmed that the officer escaped unharmed, thanks to the timely intervention of her fellow officers.

Sanjay F Salve, a resident of Pimpri-Chinchwad, was apprehended and taken into custody by the Vishrambaugh Police Station. Senior Police Inspector Deepali Bhujbal informed the media that Salve faces charges including attempted murder, drunk driving, and obstructing a public servant. Further investigation into the incident is currently ongoing.

This shocking incident underscores the risks faced by law enforcement officers during routine duties and highlights the unpredictable nature of encounters with intoxicated individuals. Following previous incidents, including a high-profile hit-and-run case, the Pune Traffic Police had intensified their vigilance, leading to the setup of check posts like the one at Laxmi Road where this incident occurred.

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