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Pune Police Take Action Against Over 100 Vehicles for Drunk Driving

To address the issue of motorists driving under the influence of alcohol, the Pune Police organized a blockade at 32 locations within the Pune Police Commissionerate’s jurisdiction. This operation was conducted under the supervision of Amitesh Kumar, Police Commissioner of Pune City, and Pravin Pawar, Assistant Police Commissioner of Pune City, with the participation of several police stations in Pune.

For this operation, each blockade location was staffed with one police officer and four enforcers from each police station, as well as one police officer and three enforcers from the traffic branch. During the blockade, a total of 1409 vehicles were thoroughly inspected, resulting in action being taken against 117 drivers for drunk driving.

Yerawada and Sahakarnagar police station limits saw the most activity, with 10 and 11 operations respectively. Additionally, a total of Rs 2,84,500 in fines was imposed, alongside 262 other enforcement actions related to drunk driving. The Pune City Police Commissionerate plans to continue conducting similar surprise blockades in the future.

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